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Très bon jeu

Great design amazing game mechanics

This game will not disappoint you! Several levels! Compelling degree of difficulty! Beautifully designed! Great game mechanics. Still not convinced well your fault i will continue playing now!


I love it, as well as my kids. The first one was great and lots of fun. Will it be available for Apple TV? The original looks great on my tv.

I love it so much

I thought number one was really good but as soon as I got number two and played I loved it so much, it is so amazing please keep making more games they are so cool.

Why just whyyyyy

Okay I love the badlands series but my online multiplayer doesnt work it wont let me sign my username. Fix NoW I need online gameplay

The game dosent have a level editor

I want a refund...the first game had a level editor and the second one has in fact LESS then the first one.........once again I want a refund

Not a complete waste of money.

Its fun dont get me wrong, but it is kinda hard to get past level 4 or 5. Its your decision on whether or not you want to buy this.


I just wanna become the 10th rater! Umm....and I think levels are not enough. Im pretty anticipate the level of coming soon.


Game is even more of a masterpiece than the previous Badland! Well worth the money and anyone whos had the first game knows there will be a boatload of updates.


Badlands has always been my game, not because of the multiplayer but the brand new traps and storyline. I really love the series and I cant wait till the next chapter, after all what happens after the Badlands 1 ending?



Too hard

Please play test with real users level 6 is insanely difficult


ReplayKit is a iOS screen recorder only for iOS 9 devices and can you try to get ReplayKit on the app?

Cant multiplayer

The game freezes when i write in my username in multiplayer, please fix this real quick


Its o.k. The levels are good, but in the first badland, you can make your own level, in this one, you cant. Further advice, I think you should add a level editor!!!

Brilliant round 2

The first game is brilliant both in appearance and gameplay and the second is more of the same. While simple to understand it is super challenging to master. As one of the few who completed every single component of the first game, this second one will take even longer! Buy it!


This game is really bad and I paid 6-7 dollars for it. Badlands 1 was a billion times better


Some levels are brutally challenging to the point of frustration but the incredible graphics, inventiveness and overall coolness of the game keep me going.


You should add more rewards to online. Just the rank seems not enough. Make online more interesting...

Amazing game, but...

Innovative game with wonderful graphics, but some parts are so frustrating in which the fun of gaming somehow lost.

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